Dear All,

Southern Athletics League

The SAL is open to athletes who are age 15 and over by 31/08/2021.
Our next competition is Saturday August 14th at St Albans.

There are still a lot of gaps to fill, but if anyone’s in any doubt about whether they are good enough, there are a couple of teams that we are against who are putting very few athletes in. 6 teams in each match and points are awarded 6 down to 1 per event. If we have no-one in an event, we ‘waste’ all those points.
If only 3 or 4 of the other teams put athletes in, even if we come last, we get 2 or 3 points and they add up!
The best way to be competitive is as a team, not just individuals. There is no judgement and plenty of encouragement! It’s the best opportunity to just have a go, and we have home advantage!
Sign up here:

If anyone wants to try any field events before the next matches or wants any help sorting run ups etc out then please contact the coaches (or Louise, team manager: ) and we can help.

If you’re able to help officiating on the day, we still need helpers. No experience necessary Please email

Eastern Young Athletes League

Our 2nd EYAL competition is in only 3 weeks time on Sunday 15th August – Copthall, Barnet (Allianz stadium)

We would like to especially welcome and encourage new members to take part in this.

The EYAL is an athletics league for boys and girls in Year 6 – Year 11. This year we are competing against local clubs with 3 fixtures. The 2 of which are still to look forward to.

MATCH 2 – Sunday 15th August – Copthall, Barnet (Allianz stadium)
MATCH 3 – Sunday 12th September,  Watford 

This is a great opportunity for athletes to compete in a friendly league while representing the club! There is no cost to take part and athletes are able to compete in multiple events and earn points for the team. We also require parents to volunteer at least once during the EYAL season.

We are especially looking for more athletes for field events and so the August match is a great opportunity to try out these at competition level.

Register your interest on the website form in the EYAL link here

If you have already registered for August then there is no need to re register.
Please let us know via email of any amendments to your registration.

And remember to continue recording any results via the results link here, as this helps to select our teams.

Training sessions through the summer

The club doesn’t stop for the holidays, but we may have to limit places as coaches and helpers are away. Any limitations will be on the booking forms for either Sprints / Jumps / Throws or Middle Distance.
We may need to limit to either Sunday or Thursday rather than both in a week for Sprints / Jumps / Throws

Year groups are as at 2020/21 so Year 6 will move to older sessions from Thursday 2nd September.

If you’d like to get more involved in helping or coaching, please email