Hope everybody is excited and ready for our trip to Brighton this Saturday. Please find arrangements below. If circumstances now mean you are unable to run on Saturday please do let us know and forward your entry fee.

1. Please bring Entry Fee £7 & Coach Fees £5 

Please bring cash (correct change) or a cheque for £7 for each entry and £5 for each seat the coach. Cheques made payable to St Albans Athletic Club. If you still owe for Herts Counties this was £5 entry. Please note the Club paid all the entry fees in December and they are payable whether you run or not. 

2. Coach Departure from Westminster Lodge – next to the Track Carpark 7:30am

Please be on the coach at 7:30am and bring plastic bags for wet / muddy kit and spare / clean footwear & clothing for the return journey. Please don’t eat any snacks containing nuts on the coach as we have some members who are allergic. 

Please bring camp chairs, mini shelters & ground sheets etc as you wish. We will have one St Albans AC tent with us. You can park at Westminster Lodge for the day for £5.70.

The coach is expected to return by 5.30pm latest as we hope to depart after the ladies’ race at 3:15pm – but please stay in contact with anyone on the coach, as we will give you an ETA via Whats App group or FB – which will hopefully be a bit earlier. 

The coach is £5 per person and we have spaces if you decide to take this option, as the car parking in Brighton is now fully booked.

 3. Kit 

Please note each age group team must all run in the same club vest. 

This means everybody who is U17/U15/U13 must run in the New St Albans AC vest 

Everybody who is U20 or a Senior must run in a St Albans Striders vest

If you don’t have the right vest – please get one / borrow one and let us know immediately if there is a problem. You can order at https://www.stalbansac.co.uk/kit-orders/
Please all bring several warm layers, a complete set of spare clothes, waterproofs, running footwear, course walking footwear and clean footwear for the coach. Please bring food & drinks and some cash to buy anything else – there are generally event t-shirts and hoodies to buy if wished. 

 4. Timetable 

Please note that if you were 20 between 1/1/9/17 – 31/12/17 you are running as U20 in this race.  Please arrive at the St Albans tent 1 hour before your race time and register.  


Age Group



11.00 am

U15 Boys


Ages 13 & 14 on 31st Aug 2017

11.20 am

U13 Girls


Ages 11 & 12 on 31st Aug 2017

11.35 am

U13 Boys


Ages 11 & 12 on 31st Aug 2017

11.50 am

U15 Girls


Ages 13 & 14 on 31st Aug 2017

12.10 pm

U17 Men


Ages 15 & 16 on 31st Aug 2017

12.40 pm

U20 Women


Ages 17, 18 &19 on 31st Aug 2017

1:05 pm

U17 Women


Ages 15 & 16 on 31st Aug 2017

1.30 pm

U20 Men


Ages 17, 18 &19 on 31st Aug 2017

2.05 pm

Senior Women 


Age must be 20 or over on 31st Aug 2017 

2.50 pm

Senior Men 


Age must be 20 or over on 31st Aug 2017

5. Chip Timing – don’t forget to hand this in! 
Chip Timing will be used. Failure to return your chip will be subject to a £8.00 penalty charge per chip. 

6. Awards 
SEAA medals will be awarded to the first three placed competitors and the scoring team members of the first three placed “A” teams in each group. 4 to score in a team except Senior Men which is 6 to score in a team. A plaque will be awarded to the winning team and the winning individual in each race. 

7. Coach Parking is at the Amex Stadium Coach Park, BN1 9BL This is where we have a pre-booked coach parking space and where we will board the coach to return home.

8. Contact Details

Fiona                  07731 088988

Deborah             07947 074284