Please note, that due to overwhelming demand over the past 12 months, and in order that everyone can train safely, we have temporarily closed membership to enquiries from younger athletes (age 8 to y6). If you completed a taster request form before 27th February, or are a sibling of an existing member, please email

Enquiries for Year 7 and above, please complete the form below to request a taster session.


We pride ourselves on being a friendly, inclusive club, with emphasis on fun and discovery of the various disciplines in Track, Field and Middle Distance. Children from the age of 8 upwards are welcome and we can offer a taster session to see if they enjoy it. Once you become a member, all future training sessions will need to be booked in advance, by visiting the TRAINING page. We require that a parent or carer remains nearby for health and safety reasons.

We strongly encourage parents to get involved with the club too as we are run purely by volunteers, so we need your support. Please take a look at our VOLUNTEERS page for more information about volunteering at the club.

Please fill out the form below to request a taster session (note: Age 8 to Year 6 will do a mix of all disciplines); TASTER SESSIONS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY AND CANNOT BE GUARANTEED, or scroll down to view the Membership information.