Our coaching team feel passionately about the beauty of running for all its simplicity, all you need is a pair of trainers and the motivation to put one foot in front of the other. Once you have that, big things can happen but if you do not, your potential will be harder to reach! That is the reason we sometimes worry about the pressure young people put on themselves to purely perform, obviously we realise that this is sometimes unavoidable, but we try and put emphasis on the former.

What to us was a benefit of Covid?

Suddenly we all had the time to go back to the simplicity of running and not just us devout followers but to many of the population, it was as if they were all following our religion! The ring road was their track and all shapes and sizes ran, plodded, or walked the 6 or so miles round the streets, the adventurous made it to the surrounding countryside.

Our young athletes found the benefit of their freedom from their suburban houses, giving them the benefit of space to clear their heads, to play with speed and feel good about themselves.

Then we were given a bit more freedom, we could really play – meeting up with all the space of Toulmin Drive football pitches we could be adventurous with our sessions. In groups of six we explored Heartwood, Batchwood or used our imagination to picture a grass track of various distances. Again, it was simple, relying on everyone to work hard to train the body and use the different venues with all the advantages.

And guess what the results were simple- kids came training, they worked hard, they smiled and they laughed.

As a squad we made the decision not to publicise any races this summer as we had done no sessions on the track, we thought it unfair to give you that pressure. However, a small group of athletes managed to find some races with spectacular outcomes.

800 mts

  • Zac Segal – PB 1.58 joining our growing sub 2 group!
  • Alexander Mcdonald – PB 2.10.7
  • Matthew Nicholls -PB 2.22.7


  • Will Bowran – 33.13
  • Thomas Halling PB 35.26
  • Samuel Ogier PB 42.36

We also had some wonderful racing with the Fly 5km initiative by Graham Smith of Striders. Each Saturday morning between 8am and 1pm you can choose to run 5km anywhere and submit your time. We have had several athletes taking part.

Age group records are held by

  • Oscar Loveday 16.52
  • Alex Moffat  17.44
  • Phoebe Gill 19.49
  • Sarah Mcgrath 18.51
  • Will Bowran 15.43
  • Tom Halling 16.06

What is next for middle distance

Now as the nights draw in, we have resumed training on the track on Tuesdays 6-7pm and Thursdays 7-8pm.

We have a Google signup sheet for athletes in groups of 6 with space for parent volunteers to sign up too. You can access this from the TRAINING page. You will need to check the sheet before you travel to training to check where your meeting point is. It has been so advantageous to have parents on board so we can provide the best supervision for your young athletes please continue to sign up.

St Albans AC has a comprehensive Covid guideline document and therefore if you do not sign up for a group, I am afraid you will not be able to train.

The good news is it looks highly likely that there will soon be racing which we will keep you up to date with as soon as possible.

Deborah Steer (Middle Distance Coach, SAAC)