Below is a list of events and fixtures we enter as a club along with a timetable for the coming season. If you have any questions, please contact us. If you are able to help out at any of the fixtures, please let the team manager know; we are always looking for volunteers to help with transporting and erecting the team gazebo, admin, managing the teams, etc. Contact details for the team managers can be found on our Who’s Who page.

Chiltern League

The Chiltern League comprises of clubs from Herts, Beds and Bucks and is open to all abilities. Men, women, boys and girls race separately depending upon age group. The scores from all races are combined to reach our league position. Please ensure you have completed the registration form before attending a match.  TO SIGN UP, SEE FIXTURES TABLE BELOW.


Race day schedule:

  • 11.30 under 11 girls, 2000m
  • 11.45 under 11 boys, 2000m
  • 12.00 under 13 girls, 2500-3000m
  • 12.15 under 13 boys, 2500-3000m
  • 12.30 under 15 girls, 4000-4500m
  • 12.45 under 15 boys, 4000-4500m
  • 13.00 under 20/17 ladies, 4500-5000m
  • 13.15 senior ladies, 5500-6000m
  • 13.40 under 17 men, 5500-6000m
  • 14.00 senior men. 8000-10000m


  • If you are new to cross country or the club, both runners and those accompanying please read our First Timers Guide a few days before.
  • Please always aim to arrive at the SAAC table / tent one hour before your race.
  • Upon arrival, please check in on the register for your age group & collect your number, complete the emergency contact details on the reverse and attach this to your running vest immediately. If you are not allocated a number on the register, please see the St Albans co-ordinator. Your age group team will depart on a course familiarization 45 minutes before your race. If you are later arriving, please sort out your own course reccie.
  • We suggest you get to the start line a minimum of 5 minutes beforehand, in your running kit. Remember to carry any medication you might need on your person – in a pocket, waist belt or arm pocket. Medication is of no use in a red stripy bag back in the tent or someone’s handbag which could be 2km away. Give any surplus kit to a parent or team coach. Please avoid pushing and jostling for your preferred position on the start line – this is not a 100m dash
    and it’s better to start safely and relaxed a couple of steps back or further along the line. Team mates should not link arms and have no need to be together on the start line.
  • After the race, please return to the St Albans tent and have a brief chat with a coach. For Chiltern League races you keep the same Tyvek number for the season. This means for future races you must not forget to bring the number.
  • Wrap up warm & do a proper cool down with your team mates. Then get something to eat & drink. Please dispose of any safety pins, tape & food waste safely and tidily – don’t drop them on the ground! Before leaving, please try to have a chat with a coach or coordinator to let us know how your race went.
  • Please check you have all your belongings and take home the correct muddy footwear! Please clean your own kit as soon as you get home and store your number safely for the next race. If you lose your number or it gets eaten by the dog its essential you let us know well before the next race and you will need to arrive extra early with £5 in cash.



Southern Cross Country Championship

Regional event made up of clubs from the south of England. Under 13 upwards.

What to do: Open to all club members of all abilities but you must be EA registered pre-entered by captains. Look out for posts/emails to sign up nearer the time. The event is chip-timed so you must collect your chip and number from captains on the day.

National Cross Country Relay

Well-supported national event where clubs from around England compete in teams around a course that’s not challenging and great for spectating.
Teams: under 13,15,17,20
What to do: Open to all club members of all abilities but you must be EA registered pre-entered by captains.

Hertfordshire County Cross Country Championships

Individual and county medals up for grabs here and the chance to qualify to represent Herts in future races. All age groups from under 11.

What to do: You must have been born in Herts or have been a resident in the county for at least nine months prior to the race to compete. Captains have to enter teams in advance so look out for details on the web site or on the cross country mailing list in order to sign up. On the day, collect your number from captains. Any questions, please contact the team manager. Details can be found on our Who’s Who page.


National Cross Country Championships

Prestigious and historic event which clubs across England take part in. Under 13 upwards.
What to do: Open to all club members of all abilities but you must be EA registered pre-entered by captains. The event is chip-timed so you must collect your chip and number from captains on the day.


Cross Country can be a little daunting the first time and we would like you to have fun racing as part of the team – so please do ask other members if there is anything of which you are unsure. There are no expectations – so please take your first races steady until you get used to the distances and terrain with the aim of just finishing the race.  Please remember to sign up to events by the deadline and let us know if you no longer intend to come. Please do not attend if you are not feeling fit and well or have tested positive, so in isolation for Covid19.

Aim to arrive one hour before your race time to ensure you have enough time to familiarize yourself with the course and warm up. Please always check in with the St Albans team upon arrival and again after your race before leaving. We try to have a coach on hand to do a course reccie & warm-up with members and post race to have a brief chat.

For racing you will need a St Albans Athletic Vest and suitable well-fitting footwear – either cross country spikes (with typically 6mm – 15mm spikes) or cross-country trainers with good grip. Most of the courses get very muddy and slippery and you may have to run through water.  We suggest running shorts or leggings and sometimes if it’s cold you might want a base layer underneath, but beware you can get very warm running. Some people like to put duct tape over their laces to keep them secure.

If you have medication such as inhalers or EpiPen’s that you may need it is recommended to have these with you on the run – either in a waist belt, arm pocket or somewhere on your person. In an emergency it is no use medication being in a heap of bags in the tent or someone’s handbag!

Before and after the race you will need warm clothing such as track pants, hoodie and maybe a waterproof coat, hat and gloves. Wellies, walking boots or another pair of trainers are good for walking the course. We try to walk to key elements of the course 45 minutes before as an age group team and then warm up. Be at the start line at least 5 minutes beforehand ready to race but keep warm – pass any surplus clothing to a team supporter just before.

Please bring water, hand sanitizer, pre and post-race snacks, any required medication and maybe a flask of a warm drink for later. Plastic bags to take away muddy gear, tissues and wet wipes are essential and you might want to bring something to protect the inside of your car. Supporters will also need suitable footwear! Avoid bringing any clothing or footwear you don’t want to get muddy. You may also like a camp chair and or ground sheet / pop up shelter – but be aware it can be a long walk from / to the carpark.

After the race, please remember to put warm clothes on and do a proper cool down. Then have something to eat and drink.  As soon as you get home, please clean your kit – as then you will find any problems such as missing spikes or holes before you race again and won’t have to put muddy, wet or mouldy kit on next time you run!


DateEvent/LinkAge GroupsTeam CaptainLocationSign UpResults
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