National XC Championships 23rd February Harewood House Yorkshire

This weekend Saturday 23rd February is the National XC Championships which several of you are entered. If you can’t remember if you entered please click here to check.

Two of our coaches – Adrian Pattison & Steve Bowran will be travelling up to Yorkshire to meet you and help with course reccie and warm up. They will either take a flag or small tent – which might be Striders or AC, so please look out for them and watch our Facebook groups & what’s app for updates.

Access to and exit from the venue involves traffic management and extensive signage arrangements to ensure that everyone gets in and out efficiently, so please follow the yellow event signs not your sat nav!

Car Parking which will all be on grass is £5 and you need the correct money available upon entry! It will be about 700m to walk from the carparks to the club tent area. There is no tent drop off so everything has to be carried this distance.

For more directions & details

The time table is attached and we advise all athletes to arrive at the St Albans flag an absolute minimum of 60 mins before your race is due to set off having allowed sufficient time to walk into the grounds from the car park and traffic both on route and into the parkland. Please note, there is no access to any other areas of the Park, Gardens or House, as these are closed and dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times.

Timetable Teams require 4 runners to score apart from where indicated. If you were 20 between 1.9.18-31.12.18 you run as an U20 ie Junior.

  • 1 11:00am Under 17 Women – 5K
  • 2 11:25am Under 15 Boys – 4K
  • 3 11:45am Under 13 Girls – 3K
  • 4 12:05pm Under 17 Men – 6K
  • 5 12:30pm Under 13 Boys – 3K
  • 6 12:45pm Under 15 Girls – 4K
  • 7 1:05pm Junior Women – 6K (3 to score)
  • 8 1:35pm Senior Women – 8K
  • 9 2:20pm Junior Men – 10K
  • 10 3:00pm Senior Men – 12K (6 to score)