Unfortunately the track is closed till further notice so all club track sessions are CANCELLED today, Thursday. Please keep an eye out for updates regarding Sunday’s track sessions via email, facebook or Website.

Middle Distance are planning a session in the park Sunday morning and a separate social run Sunday afternoon even if the track is closed so please look at Facebook or the club website for further information.

If the sprint squad arrange anything it will be on the Facebook page or by info from Phil or Tim.

Please remember in cold weather to make sure all athletes are warmly dressed and have good foot gear to suit conditions. And although athletes should be collected on time every session throughout the year it is really important that parents/guardian or who ever is picking them up are there early to make sure they are not out in the cold if session end slightly  early.

Please enjoy the snow and let’s hope we can get onto the track soon to get ready for the approaching track season .

Peter Poulain, Vice Chair SAAC