For the attention of all athletes and coaches.
Following daily consultation with 1 Life, this is the latest statement from them regarding the track opening.  Bearing in mind that we are the only track in open in the area, at our request, they have introduced a booking system and are following EA guidelines with regard to numbers of athletes and coaches.  These are as follows:
  1. Hour slots from 8am on the hour until 4pm (last booking 3pm).
  2. The ratio of coach to athletes is 1:1 – strictly adhered to
  3. The cost is £5 for athletes over 16 and £2.50 for under 16 athletes. There is no charge for elite athletes although they will still have to book
  4. The coach must also pay £5 and book in to allow space on the track (as they are included in our head count) if the coach is spending another hour on the track they must book and pay for both slots, otherwise they could be ask to leave due to numbers. 
  5. Only Parents/ Guardians that have to stay must remain on the outside of the track. Though it is advised by EA if you dont have to please wait outside the venue. Though we completely appreciate that some children or vulnerable adults made need guardians to be nearby.
  6.  Booking can be completed either on the phone or online ( or on the 1Life App. Elite cards will work when booking online
  7. There is only purely the track on offer and no field events or hurdles.
  8. People that aren’t from the same household and fail to adhere to social distancing could be asked to leave.
Yours in sport